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Further Steps Tea Sampler

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Part 3 of our "Steps" series will take you further into the world of Chinese tea! While First Steps is meant to get you acquainted with the basics and Next Steps goes a bit beyond the basics (but not too far), Further Steps will take you off the beaten path. You'll be introduced to some teas that, while not necessarily everyday drinkers, are very satisfying and rewarding teas! The Further Steps sampler has an aged purple raw pu-erh, a potent old tree ripe pu-erh, less common black and green teas, a hei cha, a fantastic Anxi oolong, old tree white tea and even a super-portable ripe pu-erh!

25 Grams - 2011 Wild Tree Raw Pu-erh Tea Brick of Dehong
10 Grams - 2023 Yunnan Sourcing "Lao Man'e Old Tree" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake
25 Grams - Bai Ye Varietal Dan Cong Black Tea Spring 2024
25 Grams - Long Jing #43 Laoshan Green Tea from Shandong Spring 2024
25  Grams - Mang Fei Mountain "Old Tree White Tea" Dragon Balls
25 Grams - Anxi "Da Dan Varietal" Oolong Tea Spring 2024
25 Grams - 2008 Hei Shan "Old Tree Raw" Liu Bao Tea
10 Grams - Jingmai Mountain Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cha Gao * Instant Pu-erh Tea

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