Hai Lang Hao Brand Pu-erh Tea

Hai Lang's brand message in his own words: In 2003 I tried to officially register the label Ming Xiang Ya Yuan, which rolls off the tongue and invokes an image of a fragrant tea garden. However, this name had already been registered by someone else in a small teahouse in Beijing. I then tried lengthening the name to Ming Xiang Ya Yuan, but this too was already registered elsewhere. So I tried the name Hai Lang Hao (海浪号), which is my internet name, but this turned out to be registered by another company as well, even though I still use this name regularly. Actually, the official brand-name that my tea is currently registered under is Xiang Sui (香随) which I believe fits the characteristics of my tea the best. It means that the fragrance, taste and feeling given off by the tea tends to linger and follow you everywhere you go. My only real requirement for my teas is that it satisfies me, like I said earlier, by providing a pleasant feeling in the mouth and throughout the body. My goal is to simply produce good tea which is satisfying to the customer, so If I am able to do this successfully, that is enough for me.