Silver Teapots and Wares

Expertly crafted in Yunnan (Qujing County) these pure silver teawares combine function and beauty with an elegant flair. Crafted by Yunnan's most skilled silversmiths in Qujing county (a place with more than 1500 years history in smithing fine silver objects), these teawares will perfect your gong fu cha tea brewing experience! It is believed that silver provides the best possible medium for water and tea to meet. There are generally two degrees of purity involved when crafting our silver teapots.  .Most of our silver teawares are 999 silver (99.9% Pure Silver and 0.1% copper).  We also offer some 990 silver (99 percent Pure Silver and 1% copper)!

These teawares have been tested before sale to ensure a good lid fit and flow. Have you ever had your heart broken by dropping your favorite teaware? Not to worry, these will never break even if you drop them! You'll be able to pass these down to your children!