Yixing Teapots

It all began with a legend. People have been making yixing style teapots for over a thousand years, but it wasn't always a mainstream practice for tea brewing. Things started changing since a monk from "Golden Sand Temple" started selling his mesmerizing "Five Colors Clay" (aka Purple Sand or Zi Sha) around 500 years ago. That event changed the history of teapot making. People at Yi Xing, a place right next to Tai Hu"太湖" began using this magical "Five Colors Clay" to craft their teapots. The teapots they made not only looked extraordinary, but also brewed teas with a strong aroma and a more lively feeling on the palate. As a result, making teapots with the "Five Colors Clay" has since became the great tradition of Yi Xing. This "Five Colors Clay" is the Purple Sand we normally heard of this day. Purple Sand teapots are now utilized in a profound tradition of serious tea drinking. Not only does it contains hundreds years of history and culture to explore, but it does make a tea lovers tea drinking experience more refined and exciting. At Yunnan Sourcing we source teapots for you to make your tea experience not only more enjoyable, but also more culturally deep and enriching.