Jingmai Mountain Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cha Gao * Instant Pu-erh Tea

$155.00 USD

Brand: Cha Gao

Made entirely from Jing Mai mountain area ripened pu-erh tea.  Entirely 2016 spring harvest tea were fermented for 45 days, then through a special decoction process this concentrated pu-erh tea cha gao was made.  They were then warmed to make soft and pressed into these lovely 0.5 gram single serving cha gao bricks!


Simply put one in a cha hai, cup, or thermos and pour hot over it.  Shake or agitate the cha gao and it will start to diffuse.  Very nice cocao, sweet and ripe pu-erh taste.  Very special and high quality cha gao!


Roughly 0.6 grams each