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Aged Menghai Gong Ting Grade Ripe Pu-erh Tea

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$7.50 USD
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Gong Ting (aka Palace Grade) Ripe Pu-erh tea is the smallest and tippiest grade of Ripe Pu-erh available.  When a wet pile batch is completed and the leaves are separated by leaf grade (this is based on their size) Gong Ting grade is the least of any grade by weight.  As such the price Gong Ting Ripe Pu-erh is higher than other grades (like Te Ji, Grade 1, Grade 3 and so on).   A good quality Gong Ting ripe will be potent both in taste, aroma, and cha qi, and will be flavorful as well.

This particular offering was grown and wet piled in Menghai (from Ba Da and Meng Song material) in 2010 and then soon afterwards stored in Kunming.  The aging process has given this tea a very balanced sweet flavor.  It's very clean tasting with no mustiness or untoward flavors/aromas.  There is a kind of hardwood taste, some fruit and a creaminess in later steeps.  Unlike less aged Gong Ting, this one is really hard to over-steep, so it's quite tasty with more leaf and/or longer steeps.

2009 Harvested and Wet Piled

Menghai Origin

Kunming Storage


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