Yi Wu Mountain Wild Arbor Assamica Black Tea

$5.75 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Made entirely from first flush of spring material from the wild growing tea bushes with about 40 years age growing in Luo Shui Dong village near Yi Wu town in the Yi Wu Mountainous area of Mengla county (Xishuangbanna).

After picking the tea was wilted briefly, fried in a wok, rolled by hand and allowed to wilt for another 20 hours, before being naturally air dried.

Sweet, floral, fruity with almost juice-like viscous tea soup and lots of body.  Very infusable tea that gives evenly across 7 to 8 rounds, and then gives way to a bit thinner and sweet from round 8 onward.  A good choice for near term aging.  Will improve in flavor for up to 5 years.


Mid-March Harvest

Altitude:  1400 meters

2 leaf to 1 bud pluck

Varietal:  Camellia Sinensis Assamica