2007 Guoyan "Star of Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh Tea * 357 grams

$62.00 USD

Brand: Mengyang Guoyan

The Star of Yi Wu mountain cake is composed entirely Yi Wu material but is not composed entirely of wild arbor material.  The majority is composed of plantation arbor raw material that is first flush spring 2007 harvested!  The cake delivers a mellow flavor with a bit of bitterness and a sweet after-finish.   Compression is medium to tight.

The Mengyang Guoyan tea factory is based in Jinghong but takes most of its raw material from Xi Shuang Banna and more specifically from Menghai area.  The director of the factory Ms. Dong is steeped in Pu-erh tea history.  She is a Dali native but after graduating from the Yunnan Agricultural University went to work at the Menghai Tea factory as a master tea blender.  She worked there for more than 8 years before starting the Mengyang Guoyan tea factory back in 2003.  Ms. Dong's aim is to produce a variety of medium to very high quality pu-erhs for drinking and works hard to control the quality and distribution of Guoyan products.

Producer: Meng Yang Guo Yan Tea Factory
Vintage: Spring 2007 (701)
Production area: Yi Wu Mountain