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Yi Wu Mountain Spring Autumn and Large and Mixed Varietal Comparison Tea Sampler

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Hone your tea tasting skills with this unique Tea Sampler: Yi Wu Spring and Autumn Comparison, Large Leaf varietal (大叶种 pure Assamica) and Mixed Leaf varietal (中小叶种) Comparison. Taste a curated selection of samples from the Yi Wu and develop an appreciation for the distinct aroma, flavor and mouthfeel of these amazing teas.

Wa Long village is not far from Man Zhuan village in the Yi Wu mountain area.  It's a remote village and the tea we sourced from there is in the mountains about 1.5 hours by 4WD from Wa Long village.  A remote natural tea garden on steep mountainside with just a few hundred trees but all more than 100 years old.  Many as old as 400 years old.  All large leaf varietal.  The tea was picked and processed all in early April.  Tea from Wa Long is distinctive, with strong thick taste, some bitterness and very long stout leaves and stems. Entire output of Wa Long village area teas for 1st flush is just 400 kilograms, we were able to get a portion of that.

Mang Zhi is a small village of Yi and Yao people living just north of Yi Wu town in the vicinity of Yi Bang and Xi Kong villages. Like the teas from Yi Bang and Xi Kong the tea is a primordial mixed large and small leaf varietal. The tea leaves are not as big as Yi Wu mountain (proper) large leaf varietal but have a higher level of aroma (香气高) but not lacking in cha qi (茶气). The brewed tea is aromatic, thick and sweet but not entirely lacking in bitterness and astringency. Mang Zhi village tea leaves are dark olive green color when brewed. Careful attention was paid to the processing of this mao cha giving it an even taste and color with little or no black flecks (if the leaves are signed during the kill-green process). The mao cha was carefully steamed and pressed with 40 kilogram stone presses in the traditional manner and each stack of 7 cakes was packed in the highest grade bamboo leaf tongs for collection and long-term storage.

Here's the 4 teas that you'll get in this sampler!

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