Teng Chong Hui Long Zhai Yunnan Green Tea

$6.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Hui Long Zhai lies in the western part of the county of Teng Chong (Bao Shan Prefecture), a mountainous region with peaks as high as 3000 meters bordering Myanmar.  Relatively cool weather and high altitude conditions makes this one of the latest picked "first flush" teas in Yunnan, it is picked in the late part of April and in September. Buds and leaves are picked together just as they sprout and are then wok-fired by hand for a very short time but at a high temperature.  The result is a tea with longer shelf life, and more importantly a high level of aroma when brewed!  This tea is nutty with a fast huigan, but is a little more bitter and stimulating than Simao area green teas!  My personal new favorite green tea!  A good choice for a morning wake up brew or a brief departure from raw pu-erh!

Production period: April
Area: Teng Chong (Bao Shan)