Premium Grade Ripe Pu-erh Tea Mini Tuo Cha

$4.00 USD

Brand: Lao Cang Pu-erh Tea

These premium mini tuo cha are made from Simao fermented ripe pu-erh. These are about 5 grams each. The brewed liquor is a lovely deep red color and the flavor is rich,sweet and smooth. This is a great drink for a dry throat , after a heavy meal, or just for enjoyment alone! 

Please don't confuse our premium tuos with other lower grade tuos that are being sold everyhwhere! The lowest grade tuos we won't sell as they are made from tea fannings that is swept up off the floor of a factory after the "wu dui" fermentation process, and are totally un-clean!

Producer: Lao Cang Tea Factory

Production area: Simao