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Laoshan Village "Pine Needles" Green Tea

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This Laoshan Village "Pine Needles" Green Tea is incredibly bright and sweet.  Unique processing that involves hand-processing (hand-frying, hand-rolling, and hand-drying in a wok) gives this tea an incredibly thick and bright viscous tea soup, alternating umami and sweetness and satisfying invigorating cha qi and long lasting mouth-feel!

Laoshan village is near Qingdao in the province of Shandong at an altitude of just 300 meters.  Laoshan village is also near a sacred mountain, and not far from the ocean.  Tea has been grown in the Laoshan area for many generations.  We are offering this "Imperial Grade" Laoshan Green tea made from the tippiest first flush of spring tea leaves.

Our Laoshan teas are grown by the Liang family, who have a small family operation growing Laoshan tea and doing all the processing of the tea themselves as well.  You will notice that the tea is grown under cover of greenhouses which are fully covered in the winter to protect from frost, and also in the earliest part of spring as well just as the leaves are starting to sprout.  In the middle and later part of the first flush growth stage, the coverings are removed and the tea bushes grow in full view of the sun until plucking in the first week of April.

We feel confident you will enjoy family-sourced Laoshan teas and invite you to try them all!

Area:  Laoshan village near Qingdao in Shandong

Time of harvest:  Late April

Varietal: Longjing #43

1 leaf and 1 bud pluck

Click here to see pictures of the Liang family tea plantation and learn more about them!

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