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"King of Duck Shit Aroma" Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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Ya Shi Xiang Dan Cong (aka Duck Shit Aroma) is a rare Dan Cong varietal grown in and around Ping Keng Tou village in the Phoenix Mountains outside of Chaozhou in Guangdong Province.  The tea bushes from which our King of Duck Shit Aroma are more than 80 years old growing naturally!

It's called "duck shit aroma" because in the Ping Keng Tou village area the soil has a somewhat yellow brown look to it and is unique to that area.  With all teas the soil type is a key element in the tea's taste.  Villagers wanting to guard the uniqueness of their tea bushes told outsiders that the color and uniqueness of the soil in their village was due to copious amounts of duck shit and began to call the their Dan Cong "duck shit aroma".  True or not it's an entertaining story which reveals why the tea has such a gross name.

The tea itself is lightly oxidized and the leaves are still mostly green in color.  The brewed tea is highly aromatic with flower, honey and longan notes.   The mouthfeel is delicate and soothing with a taste that perfectly balances sweet, bitter, and astringent notes, none of which are overpowering.

This offering is literally the "King of Duck Shit Aroma" Dan Cong.  Strong taste and aroma... thick and sweet with notes of longan.  Can be infused 10+ times!  I have not tasted a better version of this tea than this one! 

29 kilograms in total produced.  Single family production!

Elevation: 850 meters

Origin of the Name "Duck Shit Fragrance": Legend has it that a tea farmer, in his lifetime, once told visiting tea enthusiasts that the mother tree of this tea originally grew in Wuling Mountain. It initially appeared unremarkable but was later transplanted to a lower-altitude area by the farmer's family. Surprisingly, the tea trees thrived in the local yellow soil, which was colloquially referred to as "duck shit soil." When the first harvest was brewed, it caused quite a sensation with its exceptional taste. As neighbors inquired about the name of the extraordinary tea, the farmer, fearing that others might steal his discovery, casually replied, "It's nothing special, just tea grown in duck shit soil, and the aroma is like duck shit fragrance." This offhand name, born out of a desire to keep the truth hidden, has since stuck and spread.

Production Area of "Duck Shit Fragrance": The authentic production area of "Duck Shit Fragrance" primarily lies in the southeast slope of Fenghuang Mountain, often referred to as the "ridge of Chaozhou and Shantou." It is distributed in the northeastern part of Chaozhou, including Wuling Mountain, Wupi Mountain, Zhugan Mountain, Dazhi Mountain, Wanfeng Mountain, Shuangpi Mountain, and other areas, all at elevations above 500 meters.

"Duck Shit Fragrance" single-estate tea belongs to the category of Wuyi Single-Estate. It was selected from natural hybrid offspring of the Phoenix Water Narcissus population on Fenghuang Mountain through single-plant screening. It is asexually propagated, grows as a small tree, has medium-sized leaves, and belongs to the medium bud category.

Due to its fast growth, high yield, elegant fragrance, "Duck Shit Fragrance" is widely favored by tea farmers. Nowadays, grafting and cloning techniques are commonly used in the Phoenix tea area, leading to an increase in its cultivation.

Characteristics of "Duck Shit Fragrance": The dry tea leaves of "Duck Shit Fragrance" are thick, tightly curled, and dark brown with a glossy appearance. After brewing, the tea infusion exhibits a bright orange-yellow color, with a strong and uplifting fragrance that resembles floral and orchid scents. It possesses a unique and lingering mountain and honey aroma, with a rich and mellow taste, a strong aftertaste, and great endurance when it comes to multiple steepings.

Necessary Conditions for Producing High-Quality "Duck Shit Fragrance": First and foremost is elevation, as the saying goes, "High mountains and mist produce good tea," which is particularly apt for "Duck Shit Fragrance" tea.

Enjoying "Duck Shit Fragrance" single-estate tea emphasizes the "mountain charm," which, in simple terms, refers to the taste of single-estate tea grown at high elevations. Only tea grown at a certain altitude can imbue "Duck Shit Fragrance" with its unique mountain charm.

In the core production area of single-estate tea, such as Fenghuang Town, tea harvested at elevations above 600 meters is called high-mountain single-estate tea, while tea harvested at elevations between 400 and 600 meters is called mid-mountain single-estate tea, and tea harvested below 400 meters is referred to as low-mountain single-estate tea.

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