Jiu Wan "Cube" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Tuo Cha

$9.00 USD

Brand: Jiu Wan Tea Factory

Jiu Wan has been producing Ripe Pu-erhs since 2001, every year has seen their fermentation process getting better. These handy little ingot-shaped tuos deliver a rich earthy flavor and would be perfect drop into 150-200ml Yixing teapot for brewing! Keep them in a paper bag, basket or claypot for some post-fermentation goodness!

Product Name: "Fu" Tuo
Net Weight: Tuos at about 8-9 grams each
Ingredients: Sun-dried Pu-erh from Lincang
Produced by Jiu Wan Tea Factory

2013 Material from Lincang