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Buddha's Hand "Fo Shou" Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea

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Brand: Feng Qing Tea Factory

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Fo Shou (lit. Buddha's Hand 佛手) is one of the many Wu Yi Rock Oolong varietals.  It's not widely grown but is a classic Wu Yi varietal that was originally transplanted from Yongchun County near Quanzhou (Fujian) centuries ago.

Fo Shou bushes are large leaved, with green-blue leaves that are not at all tippy and never produce flowers (茶花).

Fo Shou is roasted several times at low temperature and then stored for months at a time before being re-roasted.   When the third roasting is completed the tea is again stored before offered for sale.

The brewed tea is thick and fruity, sweet with little to no astringency.  The tea soup is orange.  A nice alternative to the more floral Wu Yi oolongs!

Late-April Harvest