Bai Sha Xi "Palace Tribute" Tian Jian Hei Cha Gift Set

$23.50 USD

Brand: Bai Sha Xi

Premium tippy grade (grade 1 一级) Tian Jian expertly processed.  This is a more subtle Tian Jian.  It has notes of oolong, black tea and aged raw pu-erh.

Each gift box contains 8 individual 20 gram boxes of Tian Jian for a total of 160 grams.  20 gram inidividual boxes also available for purchase.

Each gift set include 8 x 20 grams for a total of 160 grams

2019 Production

***Box may be damaged in transit. No refunds or credits will be issued and no returns will be accepted for a damaged box. If you want a perfect box, please do not order this item since we cannot guarantee a box in perfect condition.***