Bai Sha Xi "Palace Tribute" Tian Jian Hei Cha Gift Set

$23.50 USD

Brand: Bai Sha Xi

Premium tippy grade (grade 1 一级) Tian Jian expertly processed.  This is a more subtle Tian Jian.  It has notes of oolong, black tea and aged raw pu-erh.

Each gift box contains 8 individual 20 gram boxes of Tian Jian for a total of 160 grams.  20 gram inidividual boxes also available for purchase.

** due to the nature of international shipping we cannot guarantee the condition of the packaging will be "mint" upon it's arrival, but we will do our best to protect it!

Each gift set include 8 x 20 grams for a total of 160 grams


2019 Production