Bai Sha Xi "Imperial Grade Tian Jian" Hei Cha from Hunan

$21.00 USD

Brand: Bai Sha Xi

Weight: 1 Box (200 Grams)

Bai Sha Xi is attempting to reproduce a classic "three blend" tea that was first produced in An Hua County of Hunan in 1825 and then gifted to the Emperor of China (Daoguang of the Qing).   

The "三尖" (three tian jian) blend is special because it combines to create a complex whole.  When I drink it, it reminds me of oolong and aged pu-erh, with a hint of molasses, smoke and peat.  The tea can be infused many times, and is more infusable than most Tian Jian teas.  The tea will age gracefully.  It should not be sealed.  The packaging it comes in is perfect for aging.


2019 production

200 grams per box