Assamica Black Tea from Mei Zi Qing Village

$8.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This is a pure assamica varietal (same as is used to make pu-erh tea) that was plucked during the first flush of spring (April) and then processed into a lovely full-bodied black tea!

The taste is fruity and sweet with the slightest floral astringency.  It can be steeped 8+ times gong fu style!  Stimulating and enjoyable tea that will deepen in character with age!   Just keep sealed in the pouch to age it!

Mei Zi Qing is a small village in the remote Yong De county (Lincang).  Mei Zi Qing village tea trees range in age from 40 to 150 years growing at an altitude of 1700 meters.  We also offer raw pu-erh tea dragon balls from this same village here!