2021 Yunnan Sourcing "Fly Me To the Moon" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

$45.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Brand Pu-erh

Entirely Zhang Jia San Dui Village ripe pu-erh tea! Zhang Jia San Dui is a Bu Lang Mountain area village that is well known for cultivating tea that has a balanced and full-bodied taste.

As a ripe pu-erh, this is also very potent, but avoids the heavy bitterness of Lao Man'e ripe tea.   There is a light chocolate bitterness, some longan fruit sweetness, and a mushroom earthiness in this lovely tea.

250 Grams Per Cake (7 Cakes per Bamboo Leaf Tong)

April 2021 Harvested Tea

Wrapper Design by Elaine Shimokawa

This tea has been tested in a certified laboratory for 404 pesticides, and is within the EU MRL limits set for those 404 pesticide residues. For a full list of the 404 pesticides we tested for and more information about MRL testing and the EU Food and Safety commission click on this link.