2019 Tie Guo Li "Super Mini" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

$6.00 USD

Brand: Tie Guo Li

This is a wonderful little super miniature ripe pu-erh tea cake.  Weighing just 8 grams each and individually wrapped for convenience!  Pressed from Bu Lang Mountain area material (it's written "Ban Zhang" on the wrapper, but I doubt that it really is). Harvested in 2018 and wet piled in 2018 this lovely tea brews up a thick, earthy, and chocolaty tea.  

A very nice ripe that will age quickly (due to small size) and improve with age!  Very convenient size for trips, gifting, and re-sale!

Region:  Bu Lang Mountains (Menghai)

Weight: 8 Grams each (+/- 1 gram)