2018 Jingwei Fu "Premium Square Brick" Fu Zhuan Tea

$28.00 USD

Brand: Jingwei Fu

This is a unique offering from Xianyang area of Shaanxi.  Fu brick process was supposedly originally first done in Xianyang over 600 years ago!

Jingwei Fu is a tea producer that has continued the tradition of Fu Zhuan in the style of Shaanxi Hei Cha since 2008.

This "Square Brick" is a premium Fu blend from Jingwei Fu.  Less stems and more leaves gives this a strong aroma, with floral and tobacco sweetness.  Compared to the simpler 1368 brick this Square Brick is more complex but also less aged.  All in all a great tea and a great choice for aging!

200 Grams Per Brick

2018 Pressing