2018 Guan Yang "Lao Bai Cha" Gong Mei White Tea Cake

$34.00 USD

Brand: Yi Pin Xuan

This tea is harvested from untended bushes 野放茶 growing in the Guan Yang area of Fuding (Fujian province) at an altitude of 900 meters!

April 2018 harvested Gong Mei pluck white tea was aged for 3 years in Fuding before being pressed into this cake in 2021.  Stored in Fuding (Fujian) until early 2022.

This tea is ultra-smooth and sweet with a creamy thick mouth-feel.  Tea soup is a deep orange color and the brewed leaves are deep brown in color.  The qi is very balanced and the tea leaves have excellent stamina.  You can feel the relatively high altitude growing conditions when drinking this tea! 

 350 Grams per cake