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2017 Haiwan "Good Tea For Everyone" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Brand: Haiwan Tea Factory

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Mr. Zhou Bing Liang the director of the Haiwan Tea Factory is a long-time veteran of the Pu-erh industry.  He worked for the Menghai Tea Factory for almost two decades and oversaw their blending and wet piling processes.  In the late 90's he struck out on his own and formed the Haiwan Tea Factory, which specializes in high quality teas processed and blended in the traditional way.

"Good Tea For Everyone" 为天下人做好茶 is a premium release for the year 2017.  It's composed of Menghai area spring harvested tea from Bu Lang, Pa Sha, Nan Nuo and Ba Da tea mountains. This is a good choice for those who appreciate blended Menghai raw pu-erh cakes in the vein of DaYi or Chen Sheng Hao.

357 grams per cake