2017 Gao Jia Shan "Ye Zhe" Fu Cha from Cha Hua Mountain

$82.00 USD

Brand: Gao Jia Shan

This is a fu cha made entirely from wild tea trees and bushes growing on Cha Hua Ling 插花岭 are of Anhua county in Hunan.  The tea grows at 700-800 meters and was harvested in spring 2016.  The tea was aged slightly before being fermented and inoculated with "golden flowers" 金花, and finally pressed in 2017.

This is a premium Fu Cha sourced from natural un-adulterated tea plants and trees.  Very nice smooth taste and very long lasting when brewing. 

Each brick is 950 grams

ALLERGEN ALERT!!!   ** Because there is a possibility the golden flowers were inoculated using wheat flour we cannot guarantee this tea is safe for those with Celiac Disease or those that have severe gluten induced allergies **