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2016 Mengku "Big Snow Mountain" Ye Sheng Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Brand: Shuangjiang Mengku Tea Factory

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This is pure "ye sheng" purple tea varietal grown wild in the "Big Snow Mountain" area of Mengku.  "Ye Sheng" pu-erh is bitter when young, but quickly loses it's bitterness, transforming into ultra-thick and fruity sweet tea with a strong cha qi!

This cake has a mellow character but with a sort of spicy/nutty golden yellow liquor. Recent years have proven that the wild trees of this variety will age well.  A lovely "ye sheng" purple pu-erh tea!


Yunnan Shuang Jiang Mengku 云南双江勐库 : Shuangjiang Mengku is a company that was established in 1999 in the city of Shuangjiang, which means Double River, in Mengku county of Lincang 临沧 prefecture. The predecessor was a state-owned Shuangjiang Factory that was established in 1974. Their teas have become renowned for both their distinct crisp tastes and reasonable prices. The name of their factory is Rongshi (戎氏) and so they sometimes also produce teas under the Mengku Rongshi label. Presently, they have become one of the top tea producers in the country. Mengku's classic recipes include "Mu Shu Cha", "Wild Arbor King", and "Spirit of Tea" and are typically produced each and every year!

Producer: Shuangjiang Mengku
Vintage: April 2016
Production area: Big Snow Mountain of Lincang
7 cakes per tong

2006 version of this tea available here:
2006 Mengku "Big Snow Mountain" Wild Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake