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2016 Gao Jia Shan "Ben Se Ju" Tian Jian Tea of Hunan

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This is from the Gao Jia Mountain area of Hunan.  This is wild tea picked in April then processed over a period of two months undergoing multiple low temperature roastings.  The result is a Tian Jian tea that resembles a Wu Yi oolong in many respects.  The taste is incredibly thick and complex.  There is no smokiness or peaty tastes like many other Tian Jian.  

The leaves are full and range from medium to large (compared to other Tian Jian).  It's not a graded tea, it's a very natural oolong style picking where the maturity of the leaves and buds are individually decided upon by the picker (yes... hand-picked).

You can purchase this tea in a 500 gram basket or in lesser quantities.  Ideally if you plan to age this tea (and I do recommend aging some if you have the resources) it would be good to age in the basket.


Vintage:  Spring 2016 harvest

Area:  Gao Jia Mountain in Hunan Province

500 grams of tea per basket

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