2015 Menghai "Chu Xin" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$33.00 USD

Brand: Menghai Tea Factory

Weight: 357 Grams Cake

The name of this production "Chu Xin" means "Foremost in the Heart" and reflects the fine and exquisite nature of this tea.  Although this was pressed in 2015, it's typical for Da Yi to use a blend of fresh and lightly aged mao cha.  Chu Xin is a blend of Menghai area material from Nan Nuo Mountain, Ba Da Mountain and Bu Lang Mountain areas.  It's somewhat tippy (small leaf) blend with a powerful pungent aroma and taste. Nice balanced Menghai Tea Factory production that will age with good results if stored properly.

The ripe counterpart for this cake "Sui Yue" is available here.

357 grams per cake, 7 cakes per tong (tong is paper)

Batch 1501

2015 Pressing

Pressed in the Menghai Tea Factory in Menghai County of Xishuangbanna