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2014 Yun Tai Mountain "Basket Tian Jian" Hei Cha Tea

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Yun Tai Mountain is located in An Hua County of Hunan Province and is home to some of Hunan's most remote and wild tea gardens. This tea is from those "un-tended and wild" tea gardens at an altitude of 1200 to 1350 meters above sea level.  The Yun Tai mountains have a karst base and are very steep.  They provide excellent drainage, access to direct sunlight and mineral nutrients to the tea plants.

Yun Tai Wu Han is brand of this tea.  A wild grown Tian Jian style tea, it's been wilted in three different batches.  Each batch has a different degree of wilting, and after the full processing has been done the teas are blended together to create a unique flavor and aroma profile.  The tea leaves are then packed into hand-made woven baskets.  Each basket contains 750 grams of tea and is perfect for long-term storage as well.

The tea is sweet, with hints caramelized fruit and some chocolate notes.  Some would say there is a smokiness to the tea, but it's more of a roasted taste than a smoky taste.  Very pungent and viscous tea which soothes the tongue and throat.  Can be infused 8-10 times or more if you brew gong fu style.  

A high quality Tian Jian from wild tea bushes!

750 grams per basket

2014 Spring Harvest 

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