2013 Yong Pin Hao "Nan Nuo Spring Tips" Raw Pu-erh Tea

$31.00 USD

Brand: Yong Pin Hao Tea Factory

Nan Nuo mountain lies directly between Jinghong and Menghai and when you travel between these two Banna towns you will cross the northern part of the Nan Nuo mountain range.  Nan Nuo mountain is one of the oldest cultivated tea gardens in the world.  It's peak lies at about 2300 meters and the mountain is continuously shrouded in mist.  The Hani people have been picking and cultivating tea there for centuries.  Some of the cultivated bushes are literally hundreds of years old, while wild arbor trees also exist!

This tea cake is made from established plantation bushes but growing naturally and without fertilizers and pesticides on the remote southern end of the Nan Nuo range.  In total 800 kilograms were produced and entirely from "Ming Qian" (first flush of spring) tea leaves.  Full of cha qi that is characteristic of early spring teas makes this cake a perfect candidate for long-term aging!

Net Weight: 400 grams per cake (7 cakes per stack)
Ingredients: Sun-dried Yunnan Large Leaf varietal tea
Produced by Yong Pin Hao Tea Factory