2012 Yunnan Sourcing "Man Zhuan" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake of Yi Wu

$106.50 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Brand Pu-erh

Our first raw production release for 2012! First flush of spring material from Man Zhuan village (Yi Wu mountains). Entirely no-spray tea leaves picked from 80 to 100 year old untended bushes and expertly processed by hand. Classic Yi Wu taste with a nice balanced full mouth-feel, thick soupy tea liquor and room filling aroma!  Heavier and more pungent in taste than the lighter fruitier "Early Spring" cake with same wrapper.

90 kilograms in total produced.
Pressed with 40 kilogram stone press.
7 cakes per bamboo tong (7 x 250 grams).