2012 Yunnan Sourcing "Man Tang Hong Te Ji" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

$57.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Brand Pu-erh

Man Tang Hong Te Ji ripe cake is entirely Te Ji grade ripe tea, no other grades of tea were blended into it.  The material used was expertly fermented at a Yong De area tea factory in 2009.  The raw material used for the fermentation batch is spring 2009 harvest tea leaves from untended Yong De area tea bushes.

The taste is full and strong in the mouth.  A medium level of fermentation has left the leaves strong and full of cha qi.  The mouth-feel is full and the aroma is sweet with hints of camphor.

A tea worthy of aging, but can also be enjoyed now by those who like a strong ripe tea.

357 grams per cake (7 cakes per bamboo tong)

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