2012 Mengku "Wild Arbor King" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$40.00 USD

Brand: Shuangjiang Mengku Tea Factory

A new product for 2006, this quickly became Mengku's most popular relase of 2006 after winning the Expo Tea Award in Kunming. Raw material is purportedly from "bingdao" area (literally Ice Island) an area in the county of Mengku well-known for its pungent strong teas. Teas from Bing Dao were fradulently sold as Ban Zhang teas in 2006 and 2007 due to its similarity to expensive Ban Zhang tea. A great tea with excellent aging potential and high percentage of wild arbor tea leaves! Entirely first flush of spring 2012 material!

This year's Wild Arbor King production was limited to just 500 cases... 

Full of intense and aromatic cha qi, the bottom of the cup smell after drinking is exquisite!

Product Name: Mengku "Qiao Mu Wang" Raw cake

Net Weight: 500 grams

Ingredients: Sun-dried and blended Mengku area Pu-erh tea

Produced by Mengku Tea Factory

Vintage: Spring 2012 pressing 

Certified Organic by OTRDC China!