2006 Qi Sheng "Ye Sheng Qiao Mu" Purple Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$88.00 USD

Brand: Qi Sheng Brand

This is a small production from the "Qi Sheng" Brand based in Kunming.  Li Fa Lou the owner is a close friend of mine and a Dehong (Mangshi) native.  This production is one of his early productions and was aged entirely in Kunming since 2006.

This made entirely from Spring 2006 wild-harvested "Ye Sheng" varietal (Dehongensis) tea harvested in the mountains west of Mangshi area of Dehong prefecture (Yunnan province).


357 Grams per cake (not available in bamboo leaf tongs)

Spring 2006 Harvest

Manghsi County, Dehong Prefecture (Yunnan)