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2006 Nan Jian Phoenix Ripe Pu-erh Tea Mini Brick

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These mini bricks are made from Wu Liang Mountain and Lincang area. Gong Ting Grade, Grade 1 and Grade 3 ripe teas were used. Fermentation batch was completed in 2005 and tea was pressed in 2006. Nan Jian Tu Lin tea factory has a long history of (more than 30 years) producing Pu-erh teas. Their productions are often similiar to Xiaguan productions in their choice of raw materials, blending and processing techniques. Tulin brand fermented teas are well-known for their balanced flavor and sweet after-taste and complex flavor. A great choice for an everyday drinking ripe pu-erh tea.

With almost 18 years of age this is a ultra smooth aged ripe that is both pure in taste and origin!


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