2006 Jing Long "Yi Wu Mountain" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$98.00 USD

Brand: Jing Long Yi Wu Tea Factory

Jing Long is a small Yi Wu based producer that has been making tea since 1998.  This is a Spring 2006 tea cake that commemorates the Horse Caravan that left Yi Wu and traveled overland all the way to Beijing in 2006!

Pressed in Yi Wu from Yi Wu area tea trees, and then stored in Jinghong until June 2020, this has aged well and gives a gold-orange tea soup when brewed.  Smooth, sweet with hints of honey and hay.  There is a slight dark chocolate bitterness to it that quicky transforms in the mouth to a viscous and lubricating experience!

If you love Yi Wu tea, but want something aged, mellow but still having complexity then this just might be the tea you've been looking for! 

400 grams per cake

As of May 4th, 2021 this tea may taste a bit different due to longer storage in Jinghong.  Please sample first if you've not tried this "version".