2006 Changtai Tian Xia Tong An Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$78.00 USD

Brand: Changtai Brand

This is a 2006 Changtai brand pressing for a Hong Kong teahouse called "Tong An Cha Hang".  A portion of the tea was apportioned to a Guangzhou tea seller to sell in the mainland.  Our offering was aged in Guangzhou in a traditional (wettish) storage condition.  The Bu Lang Mountain material is strong and even after so many years of aging it comes through with a strong camphor and aged taste with a strong cha qi.  As this tea dries out a bit in Kunming (or wherever it ends up) it will develop a nice rounded aged taste lacking in wet storage taste but also tasting complex and aged.

357 grams per cake

Certified Organic by COFCC (COFCC-R-0509-0065)