2006 Changtai "Double Elephant 339" Raw Pu-erh Tea Brick

$52.00 USD

Brand: Changtai Brand

This is another special production made by Changtai Tea Factory for Zhong Han Rong's Hong Kong Tea House.

A blend of Menghai area spring 2006 harvested tea leaves were used to compose this potent and complex tea brick.  Dry aged in Guangdong since 2006 has given this a nicely aged feel, but is still potent enough for further aging. Slight smokiness present!

250 Grams per brick

2006 Pressing

** Some wrappers may be bug-bitten with little holes in the paper. There may also be some dust between the wrapper and the cake. Rinse tea once or twice briefly before drinking! If you are squeamish please don't order this tea!