2004 Nan Jian Feng Huang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Tuo Cha

$53.00 USD

Brand: Nan Jian Tu Lin Brand

Weight: 1 Tuo (250 Grams)

10 years aged ripe pu-erh tea, fermented in the Nan Jian Tu Lin tea factory!  Spring material from 2002-2004 was expertly fermented for 46 days, graded, blended and pressed into these shapely 250 gram bird's nests (tuo).

Tasting notes:

This ripe tea has been aged just enough to eliminate strong earthy flavors, while brewing a dark liquor that is very crisp and clean with hints of sugarcane.


250 grams per tuo, 4 tuo per bag (1kg per bag)

2004 vintage