2003 Xiao Tai "Camphor Tuo" Ripe Pu-erh Tea

$45.00 USD

Brand: Other Factories

This is a lovely ripe pu-erh tea tuo that was produced without a wrapper for export to Taiwan in 2003.  Supposedly it was produced by Xiaguan Tea Factory but was never exported.  Regardless of who actually produced this tea, it's a lovely aged camphor and cream ripe pu-erh.  It does really taste somewhat like an aged Xiaguan Xiao Fa tuo.   Very smooth and sweet, no mustiness and no wet pile taste at all.  There is a caramel and wisp of smoke sweetness along with a 樟香 camphor/incense character that is never overpowering.  Very clean taste, aroma, and qi!

Comes wrapped in white paper.

250 Grams per tuo

Pressed in 2003, aged in Dali until 2018 and then Kunming since 2018


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