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2003 Changtai "Yi Chang Hao" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake of Yi Wu

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Brand: Changtai Brand

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An early Changtai pressing under their "Yi Chang Hao" name.  Yi Chang Hao denotes Yi Wu Mountain area teas produced by Changtai, and are among some of the early classic Yi Wu pressings.  The 1999 Yi Chang Hao is a sought after classic as are the 2000-2004 pressings (this one included).  This cake has been stored in a "dry-Guangdong" condition since 2003 and has alot of aged flavor but without much mustiness, which passes quickly after a couple of brews and will likely be un-noticeable with a few months in your collection storage condition.  

It's hard to describe this tea for me because it's so unique.  I want to say it's a fine example of a dry-Guangdong stored Yi Wu..., in that's it's spicy, with an almost perfume-like aroma that is thick and pungent.  It's very complex and has some slight similarities to our 2002 Ancient Spirit cake, but with it's own unique character.  Very enjoyable premium quality Yi Wu, aged to perfection!


250 grams per cake (these don't come in tongs)