2002 Chongqing Te Ji Tuo Cha Raw Pu-erh Tea

$25.00 USD

Brand: CNNP

An unusual tea in terms of it's origins.  Yunnan-grown pu-erh was pressed in Yunnan and then packaged and sold under the "Chongqing Tuo" Brand (a sub-brand of the CNNP Chongqing Branch).

The tea was aged in Chongqing for 4 years before being brought to Kunming and stored there.  Overall, the taste is that of a semi-aged Kunming (dry) storage raw pu-erh.  Compression of the tuo is medium-tight, but despite this the tea has an aged taste and aroma but does not sport a particularly dark tea soup.

The taste is smooth with little or no bitterness/astringency, instead it's sweet and spicy with a floral and fruit after-taste.  Good body, rich and thick in the mouth.

100 Grams per tuo

2002 Pressing (no date stamp on wrapper though)