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1996 CNNP "Green Mark Te Ji" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

Original price $12.75 USD - Original price $324.50 USD
Original price
$12.75 USD
$12.75 USD - $324.50 USD
Current price $12.75 USD

A special CNNP for Malaysia export ripe tea cake. Pressed entirely from 1st grade, Te Ji and broken Gong Ting grade Menghai area ripe tea. This tea cake features old green mark on old style pin-stripe offset paper. Nei Fei is not pressed into cake, as this inventory was to be sent to Malaysia where the wrapper was to be changed. Dry-stored in Kunming for 15 years this has developed an incredibly complex flavor and mouth-feel. The tea need only be washed once before drinking. The aroma is of cacao and fruit with some spiciness. The tea enters the mouth and fills it with pungent aroma and thickness. The taste also belies cacao and something spicy. The astute drinker will notice a mouth-watering effect accompanied by a protracted feeling and flavor in the mouth long after drinking. This pungent cha qi and flavor reminds me of raw pu-erh. Some people may experience a subtle drunken state after drinking this tea. Pleasant and clean aged tea, very rare and unique.

Sample available! Please try before buying a whole cake!

Please note: This is a very old cake and as such there are often tears in the wrapper and some breakage along the edges! Please also be aware that the paper type for these wrappers has two types. A thinner paper, and thicker paper. There is no difference in the tea! Cake weight is approximate and may not be the full weight listed. We cannot weigh each cake and create a separate listing for each. The weight listed is the weight the cakes were when they were pressed, not necessarily what they are now. When you purchase a cake, you are purchasing the cake as a whole, not a certain number of grams, and we will not issue refunds or credits or accept returns if your cake is less than the amount listed.

Net weight: 357 grams per cake

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