2013 Menghai 7562 Classic Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick

$43.00 USD

Brand: Menghai Tea Factory

Weight: 250 Gram Brick

One of the many 1975 classic recipe teas from Menghai Tea Factory. This is a tried and true recipe that is a prime candidate for near-term aging and drinking. This uses an average of Grade 6 leaves (like a 7262) and blends them for optimum flavor. Like other Da Yi ripe products the fermented tea that composes this brick was fermented with great care to preserve character of the tea. The roughly 45 day fermentation process is strictly controlled at every stage to ensure the tea is consistently fermented (neither too much nor too little).

Net Weight: 250 gram tea brick (300 grams shipping weight)
Batch 1301 (1st batch of 2013)