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2004 Gu Pu'er "Cha Ma Gu Dao" Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Brand: Gu Pu Er Tea Factory of Simao

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A classic Gu Pu'er production aged for 12 years in Guangdong. Perfect balance of wet and dry storage in this lovely tea cake. Simao area spring 2004 harvested tea leaves were blended and pressed into this lovely tea cake. "Cha Ma Gu Dao" (means "Ancient Tea Horse Caravan Road") is the name of the tea cake and the theme on the wrapper. The wrapper shows a map of Yunnan and even shows some of the most famous routes that the horse caravans used to transport tea to places as far away as Siberia and India!

The tea has a well aged taste. The dry leaf is red-brown in color with golden flecks (buds). The taste is camphor, mushroom, tobacco (slight) with a strong viscous sweetness. My experience might not be the same as yours. This is a tea that's not easy to put into words, but it will make an impression on you! It's a great choice for well aged, clean, Guangdong aged raw pu-erh in the less than $100 range!

357 grams per cake.

**Wrappers have disintegrated a bit due to bamboo worms that eat the bamboo leaf tongs. It does not impact the taste of the tea!