Winter Harvest "Yu Lan Xiang" Middle Mountain Dan Cong Oolong Tea

$8.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This is a Winter harvested "Yu Lan Xiang" (玉兰香) Dan Cong from the middle mountain elevation (1150 meters) in Tou She village in the Wu Dong mountains in Northern Guangdong. "Yu Lan Xiang" means literally "Magnolia Aroma" and is a unique varietal that is native to Wu Dong area.  Yu Lan Xiang varietal is a naturally occurring hybrid of several local Dan Cong varietals and grows mostly in the middle mountain area.

Winter picked Dan Cong is typically picked and processed in Late-October into mid-November and carries a unique taste and feeling.  Our winter harvested "Yu Lan Xiang" has a sweet magnolia nectar aroma and thick sweet floral taste that is countered by some vegetal bitterness, however the sweet floral character with a creamy taste/feeling dominates the palate.

Early November Harvest

Origin:  Tou She Village, Feng Huang Town, Raoping County of Guangdong Province.