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Three Cranes "2503" Premium Liu Bao Tea in Basket

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This is a premium production is a blend of medium fermentation Liu Bao tea from the oldest producer of Liu Bao in Guangxi (Three Cranes / Wuzhou Tea Factory). Much like ripe pu-erh tea, liu bao is wet piled for for several weeks to allow fermentation to take place. The degree of fermentation depends on the amount of time the tea is wet piled and can differ depending on the intended outcome.

The 2503 is a blend of Liu Bao from different areas of Guangxi and processed in different ways.  Overall the feeling is of a medium fermentation Liu Bao, but has a touch of the darker more traditional Liu Bao as well.  

The taste is complex with some tastes of mushroomy ripe pu-erh with some bittersweet dark chocolate notes and sweet after-taste.  This countered with the betel nut earthiness of the darker traditional Liu Bao gives this tea a complexity that is rarely found in the more traditional Liu Bao teas.  Aging will bring out some interesting and satisfying results.


500 grams of tea per basket

Region:  Wuzhou in Guangxi

Producer:  Three Cranes  / Wuzhou Tea Factory

2015 Harvested and Fermented, Packaged into baskets in 2018

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