Ta Ku Hou Village High Mountain Dan Cong Oolong Tea

$9.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Ta Ku Hou village is a small village near Phoenix town just to the west at an altitude of 1350 meters.  This is one of highest altitude villages in the Wu Dong mountainous area.  Our Ta Ku Hou Dan Cong is grown by one family and is from a small crop harvested from their own small tea garden.  The trees are between 60 and 120 years old and grow wild without intervention.

The tea itself is medium leaf, dry leaf is dark in color and when brewed is typically green with some brown.  The tea has been hand-picked and processed at each stage, and took more than a month of labor to complete.   The taste is very vibrant and complex with notes of fruit and eucalyptus.  There is a slight bitter which accentuates the fruity sweetness this tea delivers.  It's got a strong mouth-feel, cha qi and is very infusable.

A premium small-batch Dan Cong that imparts the depth and wisdom of this incredible tradition to those fortunate enough to try it.

3.2 kilograms in total!

April Harvest and processing

 ** color and design of tin may differ somewhat from what is shown in the pictures.