Sun-Dried "Yue Guang Ya Bao" Purple Tea of Dehong * Spring 2018

$7.75 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This is a unique wild purple tea from Dehong that was plucked in early March near Liang He area of Dehong (Yunnan).  It's a pure bud pluck, and the buds are large and long.  After plucking, the tea is sun-dried.  No other processing is done, making this a very primitive style of tea. The color is a purple green color when dry and once brewed the color of the tea is green with hints of purple and red.

The taste is super smooth and sweet, with a big mouth-feel and strong hui gan.  There is little bitterness, but a slight vegetal and floral aspect which is a very pleasant counterpoint to the long-lasting sweetness this tea delivers.

Incredibly unique tea that has never been offered before!

March 2018 harvest!

26 kilograms available in total