Qin Zhou Nixing Clay Teapot "Long Xian Liu Xiang" by Lu Ji Zu

$165.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Qin Zhou Ni Xing pottery has a history of over 1300 years. It is one of the "four famous" styles of pottery produced in China, along with Yi Xing, Jian Shui and Rong Chang.

They are crafted from a type of naturally occurring reddish-purple clay that is both clean and environmentally friendly. It contains natural amounts of iron, zinc, calcium, strontium and numerous other minerals that are good for the human body.

There are absolutely no glazes or paints used in the firing of the clay, rather variations of the color and appearance are a result of firing at different temperatures and the polishing the final product. Most pots take on a beautiful reddish copper tone.

Like Yi Xing and Jian Shui pots, these teapots absorb the taste of the tea that is frequently brewed in them, and so we recommend that the teapot be seasoned and a single class of tea be dedicated to it.

Artist:  Lu Ji Zu

Firing Style/Temp: Dragon Kiln at 1100C 

Capacity: 280ml (+/-15ml)

Inscription:  龙涎留香 It means something like "Immortal (as a Dragon) Aroma"

** Every pot is hand-made.  The etched motif and coloring of the pot may differ from the pictures.  Lu Ji Zu made 6 for us and each is slightly different.