Portable Porcelain and Glass Tea Set * Service for 4

$34.50 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Lovely Porcelain and Glass Tea Set!  Easy Brewer Gaiwan fits into a glass cha hai.  Four stackable porcelain cups fit inside the brewer.  It all comes in a protective zipper case with a blue tea towel that can also be used as a cha bu.

Perfect set for travel or brewing out in nature.

Here's what you get:

1 Glass Cha Hai - 7cm diameter, 9.3cm tall, 250ml volume

1 Porcelain Brewer Gaiwan - 8cm diameter (at widest point), 9.9cm tall, 175ml volume

4 Cups - 4.8cm diamter, 3.6cm tall, 35ml volume

1 Cloth Tea Towel (cha bu)